What Species of Book Reader Are You? [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]

Click to see my infographic describing 50 species of book readers. You’ll definitely see yourself (The Kindle Convert?) and a few of your friends (The Book Thief? The Bathroom Reader?)

Reader Species Thumbnail


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  1. Yvonne says:

    Definitely free range with rescuing and hoarding tendencies. Love this!!


  2. Lisa says:

    This is wonderful!
    I am definitely a compulsive cherisher immersive/library lover with hoarder tendencies.


  3. June Seghni says:

    love this..am definitely a hoarder, although I could probably qualify in some other categories too. I have posted this on Booklikes..I’m sure lots of people will love it too.


    • Laura says:

      Thanks, June. I’ve already heard about several more species of book readers. I’m glad that I stopped at 50, though!


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