Side projects

“Fun” (ie, unpaid) projects from the past few years…

Writers’ Group Facilitator • Helping a new local writers’ group form a community website and get the word out about their activities, all in support of their many book projects. The site launch and early events were covered in the NY Times, HuffPo, and the local press.

Film Review Columnist • For three year, I wrote a regular movie review column for The Pawling Press and the Westchester, and collected them on my site Reel Answers. When the Pawling Press shut down, I ended the review site as well. But I still go to movies!

Exhibit Curator • Starting in January 2009, worked with 4-person team in brainstorming, organizing, writing, editing, designing, and finally mounting a multimedia exhibit titled “Reader’s Digest: The Local Magazine that Conquered the World,” at the New Castle Historical Society in Chappaqua, New York, in February 2010. Also, webmastered companion website.

Wingman • Helping various friends through writing, fund-raising, laying out, and self-publishing their passion-book projects, like this one and this one.

Consultant/Externship Coordinator • Spring/summer 2009, consulted at on publishing opportunities and site expansion. Also organized inaugural extern group (20+ people); led the kickoff meeting, administered info-sharing site, participated in coaching chat sessions, and evaluated final projects. (Externs were asked to develop a content series to be featured on

Magazine Writer • I do guest blog posting and wrote a few articles in 2009 for a local magazine, but quickly figured out that a worker at McDonald’s gets paid more per hour than I was getting paid. Still open to magazine writing—it just has to buy me more than 5 hamburgers and a milkshake.

Kelly Cousins

Family Reunion Planner • Coordinated communication via Evite and dedicated website for a 60+ person family reunion in May 2010. My favorite part was selecting and editing more than 500 family photos for a multimedia movie I created for the big dinner event. Second favorite part was getting reacquainted with a lot of long-lost cousins and having more laughs in one weekend than I can ever remember. If anyone wants help creating a family-movie keepsake using the iMac, just ask.