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I specialize in designing websites for solopreneurs and creatives who have a lot to say or show off but don’t have the time or know-how to get things up online. As you can see from my client testimonials, with me you get an intuitive, creative, personalized digital partner who delivers on time and exceeds expectations. And I’m as picky as you are: I look for clients who understand there’s more to branding than just a “set it and forget it” website, although it’s a great home base for a start. (Here’s some of the other things you could be doing.)

Websites (literary)

See brief notes under each site image.

Multimedia site & blog for a major book launch
A full WordPress responsive redesign to echo the clean colors and design of the white book jacket, plus feature multiple entry points to articles and pages on innovation and questioning. Highlights new book & reviews on home page.
Robust and clean-looking author website
An elegantly simple WordPress website for author Philip Caputo. Each of Phil’s 15 books gets its own showcase page. Many promotional features were added as Phil’s new book THE LONGEST ROAD launched summer 2013 and he began blogging (I helped him with the images).
A sophisticated genealogy blog written by a journalist and author
Incubator website for an eventual book by author and journalist Edie Jarolim. A responsive WordPress site with lots of custom artwork I created, including lines of sausages for border rules! Check out this fun, interesting read covering the topics of Genealogy, Freud, and Meat.
An elegant website for an elegant writer
Official website for writer Ben Cheever, a WordPress site with lots of custom design touches, such as the “my favorite quotes” slider at the top.
A WP blog for writer/editor Edie Jarolim, which will grow more complex as she launches her upcoming memoir.
Main hub site for active author & speaker
Custom WordPress website for Warren Berger. Contains an 8 page subsection on Berger’s speaking business.
Unique, dark website for a literary novel
Official website of author Terry Richard Bazes, featuring his 2011 book LIZARD WORLD on the Home page. This was a fun one to work on, with all the "lizard" motifs.
Stylish business site for a new literary press
Hub website for a brand-new small business press, featuring books and author info.
Happy to Share Tumblr blog
My personal blog, customized for Features custom-designed header and a fun sidebar of widgets and videos.
Comfortable and inviting literary group blog
Website for a writers' organization. Featuring a WordPress blog on the home page, with a custom designed header and buttons on side. Site was closed after 4 years
Splashy, evocative website for crime novel
A full-fledged book site with video, music, and photos galore, to support the launch of a first novel. Heavily customized WordPress template, with original photos in header and custom buttons. After 4 years, the site is now closed.

Websites (other)

See brief notes under each site image.

Reader-contributed nostalgia blog
Whether it’s with affection or loathing, everyone remembers their first NYC apartment. is designed to collect and showcase people’s first apartment stories. Send in yours!
Vibrant membership blog
A custom WordPress redesign for a popular advice blog written by the Friendship Doctor. With more than 5 years of content, discoverability/searchability was a priority.
Dramatic photographer’s portfolio website
This custom portfolio website/blog was written and designed by me for fine-art photographer Barbara Erdmann. She wanted something "elegant, simple, and dramatic" and I think we achieved that.
A tip-filled WP blog for a Green consultant
A blog-centric WP site for sustainability consultant Jennifer Prescott. Designed to look authoritative, friendly, and clean.
Upscale travel blog filled with great photos and info
A custom WordPress travel blog. The site is designed to be accessible and attractive to the “age 50 and above” target market.
Fine-art online portfolio where the work is the star
A clean, white portfolio site for artist Jan Dilenschneider’s art exhibitions in Paris.
Fun, female, and personal blog
A personal blog design on Google’s Blogger platform I set up for author Kate "Katey Lee" Buford. Fun, light, elegant, and whimsical, like her wonderful blog posts.
A lively multimedia site for a very busy actor
Official website for actor Brian d’Arcy James. I did not develop the original site design, but have edited and updated all content and created the original artwork for the site the past several years.
Magazine blog for mass market business book
Colorful WordPress blog designed to handle many articles, categories, and rotating features. Maintained for 4 years; now closed.
Deliciously earthy personal chef and catering website
10-page business website, using GoDaddy templates and support. No blog required. Features custom header with unique photos.
Simple but elegant business website
The site uses dramatic photos as backdrops to each page—any photos can be used to give a “mood” to this kind of site.
Topical blog with forums
Original design for A More Beautiful Question, in its first two years as a Wordpress blog. I designed it to look bright and direct—like its subject, a beautiful question. The main goal for this site was to stimulate conversation, so the blog and comments features were front and center and it had a lot of special discussion features, including a forum.

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