Building and maintaining your digital platform

My Words & Images portfolios show off a lot of what I can do. If you have the budget, here are some other ways I can help take the digital monkey off your back, either directly or by helping you hire and supervise a specialist.

Content generation

  • Great editorial “extras” for your website
  • Write dynamic e-newsletters for your readers about your activities
  • Create behind-the-scenes blog posts for your fans
  • Design an outreach plan
  • Write up Q&A’s with you or others in your field to add rich content to your website
  • Write online press releases to attract media or industry attention
  • If you’re an author, mine your book for bloggable content
    • Adapt book excerpts for various placements
    • Brainstorm articles based on book’s themes/settings
  • Behind-the-scenes blog posts for your fans
  • Design an outreach plan

Audience care and feeding

  • Optimize all your digital audience touchpoints
  • Put forward a consistent message from you
  • Give fans added value content on website
  • Give them ways/incentives to be evangelists for your business or products
  • Help manage your e-subscriber lists
  • Help coordinate book group outreach and requests

Social media

  • Create a new or improved “official” Facebook page
  • Figure how to get Twitter followers and what big mouths to follow in your industry or topic area
  • Develop a plan (content/schedule) for tweeting
  • Set up Pinterest boards and create branded visuals
  • Suggest LinkedIn groups to join, expert questions to answer
  • Update your Wikipedia entry
  • Improve your profile summaries on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • Start a Flickr channel to capture photos from your events

Building your brand

  • Create a YouTube promo trailer and YouTube author channel
  • Make contact with bloggers in your field or genre
  • Research your competition; highlighting what makes you special
  • Optimize your email signature with reviews and latest tweets
  • Monitor your online reputation
  • Package your expertise for social sites such as Quora, Squidoo, LinkedIn Answers, etc.
  • Explore whether podcasts and webinars are for you

Website optimization

  • Update/redesign your website (or create one if you don’t have one)
  • Create a state-of-the-art WordPress blog
  • Make sure your site plays nice with Facebook & Twitter
  • Monitor site analytics: figure out who’s visiting and what they spend time on 

Overall strategy & coordination


  • Define your goals for digital
  • Figure out what gives you the biggest bang for your buck
  • Brainstorm online promotion angles, such as contests, blogger interviews, and giveaways
  • Suggest online alliances with other influentials
  • Recommend and implement other services and tools to grow and organize your business
  • Hire and supervise specialty digital services (such as website security or online media outreach)

Don’t see your particular monkey on this list? Just ask!