“The best thing about Laura is that she is one-stop-shopping.”

Warren Berger »

“The best thing about Laura is that she is one-stop-shopping. Over the past few years, I’ve needed someone to make logos for me, set up several websites, create a book trailer, make Powerpoint presentations, design custom Twitter and Facebook pages, figure out how and when to post items on my blog and Twitter, and even create an e-book—and she’s been able to do it all.

A-More-Beautiful-Questionx1280She’s happy to coach me or simply step in and handle it for me during busy periods. Without Laura I would either be dealing with an unwieldy group of freelancers or simply not in the digital game at all.”

Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question (Bloomsbury), Glimmer (The Penguin Press), and The Purples (Ringer Books)

A-More-Beautiful-Question-(1.0)     GlimmerSite-screenshot     The-Purples



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