“Laura Kelly is a magician, or that’s how it looks to an ungeek like myself.”

Benjamin Cheever

Benjamin Cheever

“I seem to have been considering a web page almost since I published my first novel, The Plagiarist back in 1992. I studied the sites of my friends, which often left me embarrassed on their behalf. Clearly there was something for sale, but I was never sure exactly what. The women looked as if it were an escort service they were promoting. The young men sparkled, the old ones brooded. What did any of this have to do with prose?

Of course the technology has improved, and Laura Kelly is a magician, or that’s how it looks to an ungeek like myself. But that’s not why I’m so pleased with the work she’s done for me. Laura was an editor before she tackled the web. She understood immediately how I felt and constructed a site that presents prose—mine and that of other writers I admire. It’s clever and inviting, but it’s all about the music and meaning of language. It is—or means to be—a platform for the communion between reader and writer.

Like it or not, we all have to have a web presence. Leave that ground fallow—as I have done—and your identity will fall to chance or—perhaps—to those who actually hate you. Go with a more conventional web master and you find yourself at the end of a very long line of writers of varying talents and motives all jumping up and down screaming: ‘Look at me! Look at me!’”

—Ben Cheever, writer

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