10 things I believe

Here’s my life/work manifesto boiled down into a tidy 10-point list (since the internet demands lists). Creating a list like this is a good exercise, if for nothing else than gaining clarity on what you DON’T believe. Try it yourself and see what you come up with. Meanwhile, take a look at mine and don’t laugh at the Pollyanna-ish aspects of it…


  1. I believe in action. Don’t wait around—just start, see what happens.

  2. I believe that the publishing industry is radically changing, and it is a great time for authors and their audiences.

  3. I believe that the world will always need people to tell stories, organize information, and make sense of our lives (ie, authors).

  4. I believe that a good book is one of the best forms of entertainment there is.

  5. I believe that Facebook and Twitter are fine, but a website/blog is your home base, where you live and can show off all your facets.

  6. I believe that learning to use all the great new technology tools is both liberating and fun.

  7. I believe that one must be a T-shaped person in order to survive and thrive in the new economy.

  8. I believe authenticity matters. We all have voices and opinions—let’s take off the filter and be heard.

  9. I believe it’s a sign of mental health, not weakness, to ask for help.

  10. I believe in the Golden Rule (and wish others did as well).

What do you believe in?  

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