Photo of Laura E. Kelly, digital consultantLooking for some personalized, high-quality help with your digital words & images?

I’m Laura E. Kelly, a former book and magazine editorial executive now specializing in helping creatives with their digital branding. (Want to know more? Read my official bio.)

I handle projects as simple as creating pieces of custom art for print and digital logos and social media sharing all the way up to to conceiving, editing, and designing ebooks and creating 30-page, 500-image responsive WordPress websites with galleries, forums, and blogs.

My goal is to help you develop and maintain a well-rounded digital presence by taking full advantage of the many ways that you can now connect with your customers and build your audience. (Yes, I’m talking about that word “platform.”)

Also, check out on the site:

• My website design portfolio and my other design initiatives such as videos, Slideshares, promo videos, and much more.

• Fresh how-to info and links about all things digital on the Resources page.

• Articles from my blog about writing, graphics, publishing, and social media communication.

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